Classes are on-going. While you may start on any weekday, Ajarn Sinchai prefers that new students start on Mondays.

Most Important: Please call Ajarn Sinchai directly 086-924-3210, a day or two before you wish to attend. You may discuss transportation.

On a occasion his phone may be turned off.

Please try calling again at a later time.

View of McDonalds from Thapae gate.

Call:  Local 086-924-3210,  overseas: +6686-924-3210

Receiving massage from a blind practictoner is a very profound experience. Now, you can learn this very unique style of Thai massage. Not taught at other massage schools.

Ajarn Sinchai teaches all classes himself.  The atmosphere is informal, easy-going, but no time is wasted.  Beginners and advanced therapists train together  because this is a very different approach to Thai massage.  It specifically addresses client problems through simple muscle testing and powerful and safe techniques.

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​​Usual pickup spot is in front of the McDonalds, across from Thapae Gate OUTSIDE the moat. 4:30 pm

Look for the white pickup truck.  License plate has 3006 on it.

Or use GRAB TAXI!  For destination type:

Mr. Sinchai Massage

Sinchai Massage School & Therapy

- Emphasis is placed on the practitioner's proper body mechanics:   
- How to use leverage without straining yourself or injuring your  


- Knowledge of anatomy and commonly encountered  problems:  Headache, neck 
 strain, back and shoulder syndromes

- When and how to apply elbow, forearm, and knee pressure - safely  and effectively

- A deeply relaxing approach to head and face massage

- When available, Ajarn may request a client undergoing therapy to

  allow student viewing. Here he will teach in case-study format.

​  Amazing!

- Patient instruction for beginners and demanding training for the  

  advanced  therapist (Prepare to be humbled -- in a good way)

Ajarn Sinchai's approach has been developed from his over 49 years of experience.  No mindless thumbing or acrobatic stretches.  He simply knows what works - and he easily shows you the right way to relieve muscular pain. 

Class schedule is Monday through Friday, 5pm to 7pm.  

During "low season" or special situations, you may request  a different time.