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Therapy Session

The home page briefly touched on Ajarn's bio. After his initial training in Bangkok, he worked 37 years at the University Hospital in Chiang Mai.


He was intensely exposed to the "medical" side of massage and developed a passion for working with paralysis and stroke cases.  He was (and is) legendary in the Thai medical community.  Unlike the typical Thai massage you will encounter, his style is uniquely gentle but still effective.


Yes, he was trained in the traditional Thai Massage method but his actual practice is devoted to relieving "modern" medical conditions  due to accidents, disease, trauma, etc.  Often he will also suggest physical exercises to a patient -- as was his scope of practice during his work in the Rehabilitation unit.


Its been over a decade since his "retirement" but the "Blind Professor" is still i sought after by both foreigners and local citizens.


If you are suffering from serious pain or a chronic condition, be careful.

Trust only the therapist who has the knowledge, experience, and honesty,  to "do no harm." 



His competence includes but not limited to:


- Stroke recovery

- Postural and chronic muscular pain

- Whiplash and neck injuries

​- Chronic headache

- Back pain,  chronic overload injury, post

  spinal surgery 

- Orthopedic arm problems such as carpal

  tunnel syndrome, nerve entrapment

- Sprains and tendon injuries

- Lymphatic conditions, especially after  

  lymph  node removal

- Mechanical injuries such as resulting from  

  vehicular accidents


And of course much more, as can be expected from his long experience.


You can schedule an appointment with him by calling him directly.  If you like, his wife can also provide pickup and return transportation at no extra cost, or now you may use GRAB TAXI.


Ajarn Sinchai speaks English quite well, so feel free to communicate your situation. But do be patient (!) as some medical or technical terms may not be the same used here in the Thai medical environment.


Essentially.... you're in good hands!

For more Ajarn Sinchai's  Youtube videos: CLICK HERE
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