Thank you for your interest in Traditional Thai massage.  This site is dedicated to the ongoing work of one of Thailand's true Masters of Massage: Ajarn Sinchai Sukparset. 

Ajarn (Thai title for teacher or professor) is a blind practicioner who is recognized by the local population and medical community as Chiang Mai's most competent and experienced practicioner of Therapuetic Medical massage.  

In 1969, he graduated from the Lersin Hospital Blind School in Bangkok.  Most of his career has been at Chiang Mai University Hospital in a Physical Therapy setting also specializing in paralysis and stroke rehabilitation.

He is now in private practice offering massage treatment and Thai Massage instruction.

Class Hours:

Monday - Friday: 5: 7:00

(Weekend or special needs

Please discuss with him)

Receive Therapeutic Individualized Massage therapy from one of Thailand's most experienced Massage Therapist.

Paralysis, Stroke Recovery, and serious injuries will be skillfully and gently assessed.

Therapeutic Massage Appointment:

Please call directly

Local 086-924-3210,

Available most days except during class times

Convenient Client/Student Pickup:

You can request vehicle pickup at your location, however, it is easiest to meet in front of McDonalds, Across from Thapae Gate, Outside the moat

Or if you are interested in learning his unique approach to Therapeutic Thai Massage:

Welcome to the BLIND PROFESSOR!

A beautiful tribute posted by his student, Martin. Thank you Martin!

Sinchai Massage School & Therapy

Call:  Local 086-924-3210,  overseas: +6686-924-3210