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Covid Update

October 25, 2022:


Hi! Mike here. Ive been Ajarn's assistant and maintain this website. Previously, I mentioned to check back for further notice.


Well...It's here!  Ajarn Sinchai is doing just fine and is so happy to invite all clients seeking his medical massage, just as before.

If you have been following the news, Thailand is rapidly transitioning to the 

"Post-Pandemic" phase. Previously, we had many restrictions, and the entry paperwork was a nightmare. Poof...all gone. And no more "Thailand Pass," which was a strictly controlled internet portal for pre-approval.

Chiang Mai, rightly called the Thai Massage city, is making a comeback. Some schools have closed, some new ones opened, and some, like Ajarn Sinchai, are welcoming everyone back!

Happily, we've returned to group classes.



                     OCTOBER 2022!!!!!

Chiang Mai is rapidly returning to pre-covid schedules but we are not quite there yet.

Please do telephone Ajarn Sinchai if you want to attend class, as we currently have flexible pickup times, and occasionally different pickup locations. 




I'll try to upload more vids on his youtube channel:

occasionally we all have computer glitches... We have added a new youtube channel. First post here:


Be happy. Be good.

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